“We have worked on several projects where we needed clarity and proper visual communication in areas of sales, marketing, business development and strategic corporate dealings. Bob has a gift of translating our ideas, value proposition, direction and vision in a power point presentation that I have not seen in my entire career for the last 30 years. I strongly recommend Bob Barker to any organization.”

Ed Trevis, CEO, Corvalent

“I have known Bob since we worked together twenty-five years ago. Bob has always had an intuitive sense for ROI with corporate strategy in technology companies. The results are products in line with customer needs. Bob can help you reignite your company’s growth.”
Gary Greenfield, CEO, Avid Technology
Formerly CEO of GXS Holdings, Remedy, Peregrine, Merant

“I met Bob in 1997 when he was doing acquisitions for Sterling Commerce. In 20/20 Outlook, he has brought together years of experience in acquisitions, partnerships, and product strategy to produce a process for achieving a breakout growth strategy. If your company has reached a plateau and needs a jump start, 20/20 Outlook will provide a path to higher revenue.”
Joan Herbig, CEO, ControlScan
Former CEO of Cambia Security, XcelleNet

“The life of the CEO is consumed by diligently minimizing the variables and executing the knowns. These highly demanding activities allow precious little time for the CEO’s most important job: maximizing value for the company’s shareholders. That is what 20/20 Outlook is all about, that activity that parallels the management of the business that is the most important task of all.

“Barker has developed a methodology that is clear and focused on developing the strategies to fulfill Job One for the CEO and in the process, creates a framework for solid communications with the Board of Directors about their most important measurement of success.

“The 20/20 Outlook process is a proven methodology that provides real value for those CEO’s that are focused on developing workable success plans for their companies.”
Mike Shultz, CEO, Infoglide Software
Former CEO of QuestLink, CMG Computer Products

“I’ve known Bob for many years and first met him at STARTech Early Ventures, where he was Entrepreneur in Residence and we both mentored startup companies. Bob is a natural coach and leader, and these traits were fully evident at STARTech. Since that time, I’ve had the privilege of watching him help other companies through his leadership roles. I heartily recommend Bob to anyone who needs an expert in business and marketing strategies. He’s a clear thinker who can identify the important issues in complex problems.”
Haroon Alvi, CEO, Southlake Medical
Former President of TriModus (subsidiary of Trinity Industries)