About 20/20 Outlook

Converting CEO Vision into Strategies That Accelerate Growth

At 20/20 Outlook, we translate CEO vision into breakout strategies that drive exceptional results. It requires unique skills, is more art than science, and affects performance dramatically.

We deliver value through workshops, projects, and leadership:

  • 20/20 Outlook workshops supply experienced leadership to plan, facilitate, create, and align a vision that unites and energizes the management team and the entire company.
  • 20/20 Outlook projects lead the CEO and the management team to comprehend the company’s most likely sources of market leverage, then define ways to engage with companies that will accelerate growth.
  • 20/20 Outlook’s fractional VP of Corporate Development service increases the CEO’s capacity to act and enhances the management team’s decision process with guidance drawn from many years of experience.

To learn more about 20/20 Outlook, go to the 20/20 Outlook web site or send your questions and requests directly to bob@2020outlook.com.


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