20/20 Mentors Book

I’m writing a book for new and wannabe CEOs, and I invite you to help me in this adventure. The book is tentatively entitled “20/20 Mentors” and is targeted at business leaders. It captures and shares working principles developed by successful CEOs (e.g., public company CEO Gary Greenfield of Boston-based public company Avid Technology and former CEO of GXS; startup CEO Jim Janicki, CEO of Ignite Technology in Dallas and formerly founder and CEO of Metasolv).

Each chapter will contain an original dialog between a new CEO and their experienced mentor engaged in dealing with a tough business issue. If you have a CEO whose principle should be included, let me know.

Every few weeks, you’ll be notified of another dialog about a different principle. You can read it and share your thoughts about it in order to make the to-be-published book as useful as possible.

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