Choose Your Diet Carefully

A good friend shared an analogy. He described a scientific study of bears where one group of bears ate a diet of nuts and berries while a second group ate marshmallows. All seemed content with their diet, and both groups increased their weight. The result? Bears eating nuts and berries successfully survived the long winter, while those on a marshmallow diet couldn’t make it.

Marshmallows represent business activities that make us feel good, like a calendar full of meetings. They trick us into thinking that we’re doing something worthwhile, when in fact they are wasting time.

For many companies, the current economy equates to a long, hard winter. To survive and thrive, focus on the nuts and berries, i.e. focus on tasks that move you toward your business goals – and skip the marshmallows!

About Bob Barker
Bob Barker is a trusted advisor to CEOs, helping them identify, define, and execute new growth-accelerating opportunities. He also shares ideas on LinkedIn (robertgbarker), in guest posts on related blogs, and in industry publications. Contact him via email at

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