The Genesis of 20/20 Outlook

While a CEO may have an intuitive feel for how and whom to partner with, the daily rush of keeping the business afloat makes it difficult if not impossible to focus on other areas. If the company is in growth mode, focusing on operations and cost while failing to inject significant resources into marketing and sales stifles growth. If the company’s revenue is flat, new vision for growth supported by a key partnership or perhaps an ecosystem of the right partners is needed.

20/20 Outlook is a process for cultivating a new growth vision for a company (or business unit) in the $5-50M range, then identifying and implementing robust partnerships supporting that vision. In today’s highly interdependent world, creating a breakout strategy must include beneficial relationships that enhance the value of the organization.

Fusing three disciplines – building successful partnerships, making strategic acquisitions, and directing product strategy – into a coherent framework and context for management decisions, 20/20 Outlook advances the exit strategy, all based on years of experience working with a multitude of high tech companies of all sizes.

The 20/20 Outlook process has three goals:

  1. Develop a clear vision that aligns the client company with potential acquirers.
  2. Create productive connections between the client and relevant potential acquirers, acquisitions, and partners.
  3. Collaborate and share responsibility for measurable results, transfer skills to the client, and gradually diminish dependence to the point of disengagement.

About Bob Barker
Bob Barker is a trusted advisor to CEOs, helping them identify, define, and execute new growth-accelerating opportunities. He also shares ideas on LinkedIn (robertgbarker), in guest posts on related blogs, and in industry publications. Contact him via email at

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